Current Projects


The End of Days series: Untitled: Kieran is a demon with a particular set of skills cultivated to get any innocent female into bed with him. His latest target is Samantha Jordan. Unfortunately for Kieran, Samantha already has divine protection on her side.

A Christmas Dream: Cayden is a Sandman charged with bringing people dreams. Among his list of clients is Noelle, someone he can't seem to get out of his mind, even though any interaction with a mortal is strictly against the rules. He pushes his luck too far one night when he sees her suffering a nightmare and decides to intervene.

Demon Tattoo: Jesse Mendez has always known exactly who he is. Until a handsome vampire knocks on his door and turns his life upside down. Now Jesse's thrust into a world he's never imagined. One where demons hunt him and vampires are his only protection. And it all centers around a mysterious tattoo he doesn't remember getting.

Immortal Book 1: Blood Rage: Elliot's life is perfect. He's rich, he's successful, he's handsome, he's had everything handed to him since he was an infant, but still he wants something more. He yearns for immortality. When he meets Victoria, a dark beauty who promises to grant his every desire, he puts his trust in her, only to have her grant him immortality in a way he never expected. Now he's a member of the undead, with an entirely new set of problems.

Thief in the Night: Lydia is a bounty hunter who always gets her man, but Drake proves to be more than she can handle.

Avery and the Devil: When her boyfriend, the man who's given her everything, is facing death, Avery makes a deal with the devil, signing her soul away for a year of service. Quinn isn't the devil she expects. In him, she sees both the fallen angel, Lucifer, and the demon, Satan. Together they create a downtrodden yet hopeful man, yearning for something more than the Hell he controls.

Black Wolf: Brock risks his very existence by revealing his shape-shifting abilities to a human woman he finds in the woods, but Marissa is like no other woman he's ever known.

Haunted by the Past: Cassie is an historical romance writer seeking to put the pain of her parents' recent deaths behind her. Escaping to an old Victorian mansion seems like the perfect thing until she meets the ghost of Gabriel.

American Vampire: Cassandra is the oldest known vampire alive and about to enter her feral change, a neurological process that turns vampires into nothing more than mindless monsters. She's been experiencing blackouts relating to the disease and after one particularly bad blackout, she snaps and runs, even as the Vampire Society's hunters close on her trail.